Volunteer in Latvia

Are you looking for a rewarding experience? Apply to join a project in Latvia where you can work with local communities, WWOOF, help disadvantaged people or volunteer in exchange for free accommodation at hotels and hostels. Popular places to volunteer in Latvia include the capital Riga but there are also programs throughout the country.


Voluntary Work in Latvia

Search structured, free & low cost volunteering projects in Latvia.

Volunteer in Latvia

Guide to Volunteering in Latvia

A volunteer program in gives you a chance to create a life that feels good on the inside. Not one that just looks good on the outside. As a community volunteer you will reach out to disadvantaged young people in either a rural or urban community. You will work with a partner organisation on projects that help local young people tackle some of the most pressing issues facing them. Whether you would like to spend a short period like summer, or commit to a longer term placement then you will be able to find a local organisations to help you arrange a placement. 


Volunteer Programs Latvia

Types of Projects Available

You will get to contribute on projects that focus on empowering:

  • Disadvantaged members of society
  • People living with disabilities
  • People living with and affected by illness
  • Nature and conservation


How to Apply

You can search projects on our directory and make an online application.


Latvia Volunteer Reviews

Have you ever been to volunteer in Latvia? Would you like to share your experience or review a project or organisation? Get in touch with your testimonial today.


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