Volunteer in Jordan

Apply to volunteer in Jordan with One World 365 by searching our featured organisations who offer community and conservation projects. If you would like to do something rewarding you can set up a volunteer project in Jordan with One World 365, search opportunities like conversation programs where you can live and work at exo lodges in the desert. These placements can be challenging and a lot of fun.


Volunteer Programs in Jordan

Volunteer in Jordan

Guide to Volunteering in Jordan

A lot of people often choose to volunteer in Egypt or volunteer in Israel but we also recommend Jordan. Placements are great if you are looking to experience a new country and also experience a different culture. Programs are also a lot of fun and you will get plenty of spare time to explore and see spectacular places like Petra.



Volunteer with animals in Jordan

Types of Volunteer Programs in Jordan

If you are passionate about wildlife then you can volunteer with animals in Jordan. Vets and general assistants are need to help animals like stray cats and dogs in hospitals and local communities. These volunteer placements in Jordan are a great way to gain vetinary work experience and you can apply by searching our local organisations tabs.

We often get asked questions about volunteering at refugee camps in Jordan - we do not offer such opportunities, you will need to apply with a large international humanitarian organisation. They work with refugees to provide better accommodation, food and general support to some of the poorest people in the region.



Travel and Volunteer in Jordan

How to Apply

For most volunteering programs you will need to be aged 18+ and be in good health. Search our featured local organisations today to enquire or get your application in early to avoid spaces being full. There are free volunteer placements in Jordan whilst some other organisations might require you to pay a fee or cover your accommodation and meals.



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