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Join a tour to explore Togo - this paradise full of natural beauty will leave you with memories to last a lifetime and you will be glad you visited. The capital of Togo - Lomé’s is usually where a lot of tours start, this city has a European feeland from here you can explore the rest of the country. Other places of interest you are likely to visit include Sokode and Atakora. A ride along the 56km coastline will leave you speechless, there is scenery to rival luxury destinations with a spectacular shoreline whilst you can also go on safari to see animals like elephants and crocodiles.


Adventure Tours in Togo

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 Use our advanced search to find local tour operators, our website also featured overland adventures throughout this region. Somewhere we highly recommend visiting is the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tamberma Village whilst Togo benefits from its gorgeous coastline with the Atlantic Ocean and there are lots of beach resorts you might want to check out. The capital city Lomé is a hive of activity, there are lots of cafes, restaurants, bars and also nightclubs.



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