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Paris is the hottest vacation spot in the world. You can easily spend several months in Paris without discovering all the cultural treasures that exist in this beautiful city. Paris has some of the most intriguing museums in the world. Paris is also great for tourists who enjoy shopping. Vacationing is one of the most exciting times for millions of people around the globe, with lots of airlines competing for cheap international flights its happy days for travelers looking to cash in on a very competitive market. It is important that you spend your vacation time in a fun and exciting area. 


Paris Sightseeing Tours & Activities


Top Reasons to Book a Tour of Paris

Experience the highlights of Paris - France’s incredible capital city. By booking a tour of Paris in advance you can save yourself time, hassle and money meaning you will get to spend time enjoying more of this amazing city. Exploring Bangkok on an organised tours makes the whole experience easier and takes away a lot of the common hassles like where to go, what to do, where to eat - especially if you are on limited time.

A lot of tours are run by local guides which can take you to the very best places, hidden gems and also go off the beaten tourist track. There are so many tours and sightseeing activities available all year round, some last a few hours, 24 hours and some more than one day. There are also lots of tours from Bangkok available to book which will allow you to see more of the country / region.



Paris Free Tours

Some companies and also tour guides offer free tours of Barcelona which usually last around 2-3 hours. Shorter and longer tours are also available. Don't be put off the by the free part of the title, these tours can be really good and they are very popular. The only catch is they are not usually totally free, usually you will be required (or suggested) to give a donation at the end of the tour to support the local guide. If you are not happy with the tour, or you are really on a budget then you can just walk away without paying though. If you are not planning to book ahead on the internet be sure to get to the meeting point early, we recommend around 10-15 minutes in advance so you can find your guide and group.



Paris Tour Reviews

Have you every joined a tour in Paris? Would you like to review a tour operator, tour guide or tour? Get in touch with us.



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