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Some companies offer classroom TEFL courses in places like Seoul whilst there is also the option to buy an online course then study for a qualification from anywhere in South Korea. Having the experience of studying and gaining a TEFL qualification can be a useful addition to your CV; most TEFL recruiters will really looking highly on this. Taking a TEFL course in Asia here will certainly be in your favor when you go to a different destination to get a TEFL job. View our guide to getting TEFL certified in Korea today.



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Taking an Advanced TESOL Course in Korea

"It was in Seoul that I really made the decision to get serious about my TEFL career. I decided to reinvestigate the idea of pursuing my Master's in TESOL. First, however, I needed a trial run in order to get a feel for the field. So, I decided to get certified through the American Language Institutes certification process. After three months of courses I attained certificates in Advanced TESOL, TESOL for Business, and TESOL for Children. (Where was this certificate back in 2007 when I was chasing that toddler around?!) I decided that I was really interested in the content and made the decision to jump into the deep end and pursue the Master's degree. I scoured the Internet and consulted a plethora of colleagues and mentors in the ESL/EFL field before deciding on Anaheim University's Master of TESOL program via online learning. 

I chose an online school for a variety of reasons: a)the names of the professors: Dr. David Nunan, Dr. Kathleen Bailey, and Dr. Rod Ellis are giants in the field; b) I could apply what I was learning while it was fresh (very practical); c) I was able to pay as I went; studying online allowed me to work while I studied; and d) I could study at my own pace and wherever I wanted, provided I had Internet connection. This final point is important because over the next couple of years I left South Korea for Japan. I had classes in cafes, friends’ homes, and trains (thanks smart phone!) in Kyoto, Tokyo, Seoul, Alabama, California, St. Louis, and various other cities. At times it was intense but always manageable." - Joshua Stone, USA



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