TEFL Courses in Hong Kong

Take a TEFL course in specracular Hong Kong and train to be a English language teacher abroad. Not many destinations compare to Hong Kong and we really recommend living and studying to become TEFL / TESOL qualified here. You can take a TEFL course which will prepare you for a life getting paid as an English teacher around the world. Hong Kong is a spectacular and unique destination unlike many places in the world. 


TEFL Courses in Hong Kong

TEFL Courses in Hong Kong

If the thought of living somewhere like China is a little daunting you might enjoy studying in Hong Kong, here past meets present with international inhabitants in this densely packed region. There are lots of TEFL courses available to take in Hong Kong, we recommend a 4 week course where you will learn the basics and gain a real insight into teaching methods. These courses usually mean you will be studying from Monday - Friday usually around 9 - 5. 

Housing can be expensive in Hong Kong, try to get assistance from a language schools for advice and help finding somewhere. You can find cheap places to eat though and there are lots of free activities to keep you busy. Some language schools provide free accommodation or cheaper rates and if you get a job offer some companies might even pay for your airfare. Once you have completed a TEFL certification course you are literally free to teach anywhere in the world. You might want to read more information and apply for TEFL jobs in Hong Kong through our website. If you would like to stay in this region but are unsure about living in Hong Kong you can also view our TEFL courses in Asia.



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