TEFL Courses in Canada

Search the best TEFL courses in Canada which are internationally recognised and respected within the industry meaning you will stand a good chance of gaining employment on competition. There are great value online, weekend and also longer courses available throughout the country. 


TEFL & TESOL Certification Courses in Canada

Get TEFL Certified in Canada

TEFL Courses in Canada

Teaching English abroad can be the start of an exciting new adventure and there are lots of TEFL courses available to join in Canada all year in places like Toronto and Vancouver. You can choose from online courses, short 20 hour weekend classroom TEFL courses or if you are seeking something more advanced certiciations there are also 120 and 250 hour options as well. The weekend and short beginners courses are perfect if you are a total beginner, these will allow you to see if this career appeals to you.

Teacher training courses are designed for those who wish to pursue a successful career in teaching English as an international language. The certification course will provide our teacher graduates with the knowledge and practical training of English language teaching. Students will obtain professional TESOL/TESL/TEFL/TEIL qualifications which opens doors to global teaching opportunities.

A certification provides future teachers with an understanding of the theory and practice of teaching English to speakers of other languages, enables our graduate English teachers to obtain ESOL/ESL/EFL/EIL jobs overseas and teach English abroad. After the completion of our 120-hour certificate program, students will acquire skills to teach English at any level, any age, to any culture.

The basic difference between some courses and others is the issuance of the license along with your certificate. The TESOL license confirms that the holder of the certificate meets the Internationally accepted standards in teaching English and his/her qualification leaves no room for doubts. As far as 90% of ESL teachers work abroad, holding the license helps authorities in other countries to decide the eligibility and preparedness for the job, particularly in granting employment-based visas or completing the work related red tape. 


  • Courses combine all you need to master your class teaching and become a successful teacher. It embraces almost all known elements of TESOL, TESL, TEFL programs
  • Certificate program is authorized to license as well as certify its graduates
  • Certificates are acknowledged and accepted worldwide ensuring job placement in countries which are short of English teachers
  • Flexible schedule and minimum requirements for applicants to make their commitments
  • Most companies help our graduates in job search and recommend schools, colleges, and universities


Where You Can Take a TEFL Certification in Canada

You can book classroom TEFL courses throughout the country but these are the most popular locations::

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver


What to Expect

There are usually around 5 - 20 people on each classroom course but this depends on the location and time of year you join. Our featured TEFL courses in Canada are led by experienced tutors who will make the classes fun, enjoyable and also as informative as possible. On a course you will learn recommended teaching methods, writing, listening, grammar and lesson skills. You will also get lots of tips for deading with a classroom of students and advice about gaining employment afterwards.


How to Book

If you live in Canada and would like to teach English abroad, or if you are from overseas and would like to study for a TEFL qualification in Canada search our website to find online and classroom courses. There are lots of start dates throughout the year and you can book a course through our website today. If you need any help arranging a TEFL course in Canada please get in touch,



Prices vary depending on the course you choose but generally you can expect to pay around £150 ($250) for a weekend course or £1000 ($1500) for a longer more advanced certification. Be sure to book ahead to get a place on your preferred date - this country is a popular place to train.


Employment Prospects After Completing a Course

When seeking teaching jobs you will find most employers want candidates who have at least 120 hours of TEFL training with an accredited TEFL provider so you might want to book one of our advanced options. These courses will help you get to grips with teaching and most language schools will be able to help you secure esl employment overseas. Once you have completed a course this will be valid forever.


Canada TEFL Course Reviews

If you have ever taken a TEFL course in Canada and would like to add a review, write about your experience or share any recommendations please contact us.

"I took a TESL course in Barrie, Ontario with Oxford Seminars which was a facsinating learning experience. The course was 60 hours in class and 40 hours online, the classroom part was on three weekends from 9 am to 6pm. We had a small group of 6 people and I'd highly recommend this TESL course to anything thinking about getting certified." - Shaunie, Canada


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