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Schools in Zanzibar are often unfunded, lacking staff and local charities and NGO's offer placements for international staff to help. For teaching placements you do not need to be an experienced professional to apply, generally training if provided on arrival and you will be working to help local staff. You could be helping children learn, read or write English, help coach sports, or just be an extra set of hands on the ground taking the work load off local staff. 


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Guide to Teaching English in Zanzibar

Most TEFL jobs are located in Stone Town and you will usually be working from Monday to Friday around 4 to 8 hours a day depending on the school. Teaching in Zanzibar is ideal if you are looking for work experience, already working as a teacher, or if you would like to a rewarding challenge. We recommend taking lots of materials e.g. books, pens, pencils and also photos from home - the local children will really enjoy seeing where you live.

You might also be involved with building, construction and renovation tasks where you could be helping build new schools, painting rooms etc. Be prepared to work hard, if you just want a relaxing holiday then search our Zanzibar tours - these placements need dedicated participats who are willing to get involved with a variety of tasks.



Zanzibar Teaching Testimonials & TEFL Reviews

"I worked in Zanzibar and found the experience immensely rewarding! The founders of the school truly have the students' best interests at heart. Teachers from the island of Zanzibar, the mainland, and the international community collaborate in order to provide students with the most challenging and creative educations possible. BSZ, in particular, allows for Zanzibari children to attend who may not otherwise be able to enroll in private schooling. As a teacher, I found myself invested not only in my school community but in the surrounding school neighborhoods as well.

As an American far from fluent in the Swahili language, I found much comfort in the support and aid of my coworkers and employers during my stay on the island. All levels of staff and faculty pooled their resources in order to locate and acquire the most appropriate teaching and learning materials. Looking back on my time at BSZ, I recognize just how deeply the experience touched my life and shaped my future aspirations. I appreciate the opportunity to recommend this organization on behalf of my friends and family at BSZ." - Rachel Elbin taught English with the British School of Zanzibar



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