Teach in Zambia

If you would like to help shape the future of Zambia you might want to become a teacher or educational and recreation assistant. 


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Teach English Zambia

Teach in Zambia

Children under the age of 8 are not required to attend any formal schooling and when over that age a lot do not attend due to family commitments or choosing to start a job. This means a lot of children are put at a disadvantage for future life even before it has started but there are lots of charities working to help. By choosing to join educational projects you will get to make a difference to children lives and also maybe learn a lot yourself too, placements in Zambia can be challenging due to the basic nature of classrooms especially in rural areas.

Shockingly 20% of Zambian primary students are in community schools and the vast majority cannot read a single word by the end of Grade 2. Charities and NGO's operate projects providing equipment and literature to schools helping students progress and learn. The books incorporate full-colour photographs with simple rhymes in English, Bemba, Tonga and Nyanja and give Zambian children a rare opportunity to learn using books which reflect their own experiences of day-to-day life.

Organisations like 'Teachers in Action' were funded directly to produce and distribute books to early readers in community schools for young pupils who desperately need resources. You can also donate to help too, proceeds go to support worthwhile causes like the Ranchhod Hospice Daycare and Preschool and the Sables Street Kids program, both in Kabwe, Zambia. Apply to make a difference and help education efforts today.


Teach in Zambia

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