Teach English in Saudi Arabia

View our guide to working as an English teacher in Saudi Arabia including TEFL jobs, TEFL courses, top recommendations and featured employers. Saudi Arabia is one of the best places to teach English in terms of wages which are higher than most other worldwide destinations. If you would like to work in Saudia Arabia search our teaching jobs in places like Riyad and apply today.


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Saudi Arabia


Top Reasons toTeach English in Saudi Arabia

  • Experience a totally different culture
  • Some of the highest wages in the world
  • Hot weather climate
  • Meet the more adventurous international teachers
  • This will look fantastic on your CV / resume



TEFL Courses in Saudi Arabia

If you would like to take a TEFL certification in Saudi Arabia you will need to take an online course where you can study from the internet from anywhere in the country.



Location of Jobs

Most jobs are located in the capital and largets city in Saudi Arabai - Riyadh.




You will need certain qualifications and experience to teach in Saudi, including:

  • A relevant degree form a reputable western university
  • TEFL certification and sometimes a PGCE qualification
  • Teaching experience

Most employers will require you to have a BA/BS degree and a TEFL TESOL certification. Nationalities which are eligible include the Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the UK and the USA.



How to Get a Job

You can find jobs in public schools and private language schools, jobs are advertised online and in-country. You will usually need to apply then have a phone/skype interview in advance.



Average Working Hours

Most teachers work for around 20–25 hours per week in the classroom and you will need more time for preparation.



Types of Students

Business professionals, adult language learners and children.



Salary for teaching in Saudia Arabia

Average monthly pay for teaching can be around £1000 - £2500 (US$1,500 - $3,000 / 5,500- 11,000 SAR).



Cost of Living Per Month

Expect to spend around £250 - £500 per month or less ($500 - $8000 / (2,000 - 3,000 SAR). Usually flights and accommodation is included for free.



Things to Consider Before Applying

Saudi Arabia is very different to Western countries and you will need to read up and the local customs and laws before departing. You will need to dress conservatively, behave discreetly and critizising the authorities and royal family are a no no, you can face a lenghty prison sentence. Other things to know when teaching English in Saudi Arabia include:

  • Saudi Arabia is a very religious country and you will need to respect the Islamic religion, beliefs and practices
  • Homosexuality and extramarital sexual relations are illegal
  • Women can face issues like sexism and repression
  • You will need to carry an ID with you at all times
  • Avoid at all costs any drugs 



Help / Advice

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Feedback / Testimonials

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