Teach English in the Maldives

Are you thinking about teaching English abroad? Looking for an incredible destination with spectacular islands and beautiful beaches which is unlike anywhere else in the world? Consider applying to teach in the Maldives. Most people just think of this destination as a place to sunbathe and relax, but there are teaching jobs available to apply for all year round. If you would like to spend time in the classroom, and on the beach, view our guide and start your application today.


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Maldives

Teach English in the Maldives

Guide to Teaching English in the Maldives 

Schools in the Maldives hire international teachers throughout the year, if you speak English and have always wanted to become a teacher or would like to help in this type of role then consider signing up. You could teach English to youngsters and also older people, but there are also other subjects you will be able to help with too like music, maths and art. A good education and being able to communicate speaking in English really helps local people to get jobs and careers especially in the tourism industry which is one of the main employers in the country. Most teaching jobs in the Maldives are not paid and some companies offer structured packages which include flights, accommodation, training and in-country support.



Teach in the Maldives

What to Expect

On a TEFL teaching job in the Maldives your role will be varied and challenging, most placements are found in schools and community centres. You will usually need to work around 5 hours per day but this can vary depending on the placement. If you have no previous experience, we recommend buying a TEFL certification course which will provide you with the knowledge and skills to become a good teacher. Local people and children are very friendly and welcoming, they will be fascinated by you and want to hear all about your home country and life. Working conditions can be hot so you will need to pack accordingly.





Have you ever been to teach in the Maldives? Contact us today we would love to hear your reviews and feedback.




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