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Help teachers in Ghana provide desperately needed education to school children and youngsters. There are lots of wonderful rewarding teaching projects in places like the northern townships of Accra. The children who attend the school are between the ages of 3 to 12. They learn topics such as math, science, French, and moral education. Many children from this area come from low-income families and are obligated to leave school to work in order to help support their families. The teachers and staff recognize this and try to provide a high quality education to every child who steps through the gates of the school in hopes of seeing them through elemetary school. They have limited resources to work with, but they use their creativity to make learning enjoyable for everyone. Volunteers can help with this meaningful objective. 

On these placements you will have a supporting role as teacher's assistant. There will be lots of different material covered in class, so you can help to mentor the children and give them some extra one-on-one attention where necessary. At lunch hour, help serve lunch and play with the children in the courtyard. Your help will go a long way just by showing your support to the teachers, or by helping to prepare classroom materials. It is certain that the children will be just as excited about you being there as you will be! There are no particular skills required to volunteer on this project except for a love of children! This also means you should be patient, flexible and ready to help out wherever you are needed. If you have teaching experience, the staff at the school will help you determine where your skills can be the most helpful. 

School and projects are closed for two weeks during Christmas and New Years, from mid-April until mid-May, and for summer holidays from July 26 to September 9.



Ghana Teaching Experiences & TEFL Reviews

Tom Kent from the UK participated on a teaching placement in Ghana and this is how he got on: "When we arrived we were greeted by a sea of smiling and laughing ten year old faces, and immediately invited to join the huge chaotic game of football going on. A friendly teacher called Kwame allocated us teams, and a riotous game commenced. Countless fouls later and after everyone was well and truly shattered, a sweaty group of white English boys accompanied the crowd of panting children into the canteen. Jolly canteen staff asked us how our game had been and teased everyone about how dusty we all were. As we sat stuffing our faces, amid a horde of giggling children, Ghanaians had proved to be a very welcoming bunch and the experience turned out to be amazing which will live with me forever."



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