Teach English in Fiji

Because of a lack of opportunities and training a lot of young people in Fiji are unemployed but there are organisations working on the ground to improve this situation and give people better prospects in life. You might get to work alongside local teachers at schools whilst there are special programs being operated e.g. after school clubs, sports programs and also community centre initiatives. Many of these places lack staff and are underfunded which is where international participants can help.


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Fiji

Teach in Fiji

Who Can Apply

No previous experience is needed to join most teaching placements and also these programs are a lot of fun due to the friendly/kind nature of local children. 


Teaching Jobs in Fiji

Location of Teaching Jobs & What to Expect

Sometimes you might be working with the rural community of Rewa with Fijian families, assisting teachers and coaching sport in schools. During the project there might be a 'House Cup Tournament' which is where all the sports teams of surrounding communities all compete in a one day event, in 2016 this is being held in the Fijian National Rugby Stadium. There are also efforts being made with sustainable living e.g. getting local people educated about recycling.



Most people join these placements for at least 4 weeks, summer is probably the most popular time to apply so get your application in early if this time appeals to you.    


Teach English in Fiji

How to Apply

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