Teach English in Bangladesh

Apply to teach in Bangladesh - this is a developing country with a population of over 160 million people! Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries in the world and more and more people are seeking to improve their English skills which means an increasing demand for native English teachers. View our guide to teaching in Bangladesh today.


Teaching, Language & TEFL Jobs in Bangladesh


Guide to Teaching in Bangladesh

So you're thinking about teaching English in Asia and currently considering destinations? We guess Bangladesh doesn't rank that highly in your list of destinations. Although the ESL market in Bangladesh isn't as developed as other countries like Thailand, China, Vietnam and India - there are still opportunities to teach here.



Why Teach in Bangladesh

  • Bangladesh is making a lot of strides forward in gender equality, education/teaching standards, healthcare and development. You can play a role in improving the future of the country by applying to teach in Bangladesh.
  • Expect a warm climate with sun and humidity almost all year round
  • Experience a new country, culture and working environment




Most international organisations and also schools in Bangladesh have strict eligibility criteria and will require you to have experience and a recognised qualification.



Where to Teach English in Bangladesh

Most teaching jobs can be found in Dhaka which is the capital city of Bangladesh. Other places you could seek employment include Chittagong. 



Types of Teaching Jobs in Bangladesh

  • Private Language Schools
  • International Schools
  • Universities



Salary for Teaching in Bangaldesh

A lot of teaching jobs in Bangaldesh are unpaid



How to Get a Teaching Job in Bangladesh

Large organisations like The British Council hire international teachers and place people in places like Dhaka. You will need to go through a recruitment and interview process. If you would like to give back there are lots of educational volunteer programs which you can join all over the country. The British Council will require all teachers have a TEFL TESOL course and a bachelor’s degree.



Reviews & Testimonials

"I taught English 3 times a week to drop out students, helping them to get back in to government schools in a small rural village in Bangladesh. It is a great way to experience a different culture, whilst gaining important skills that will not only help you in the future, but they also look great on your CV!" - Ciara Rooney



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