Scuba Diving in Madagascar

Madagascar is an exotic destination to go scuba diving. This is the fourth largest island in the world and one of the main attractions is the longest continuous coral reef on the planet. Madagascar might be famous for it's land animals, but we highly recommend going diving here especially as you will be able to see an amazing arrey of marine life including humpback whales, dolphins, turtles, sharks, fish and also corals. Whether you are an experienced scuba diver, or you are keen to learn we have trips available where you can gain a qualification and also help local marine conservation efforts.


Scuba Diving Courses & Packages in Madagascar

Madagascar Scuba Diving

Best Places to Go Diving in Madagascar

  • Our top recommendation is to go diving around Noisy Be
  • If you would like to see humpback whales then the east of the country is recommended
  • You could also book a liveaboard and explore the Mitsio (north of Noisy Be) or Radames (west of Noisy Be) archipelagoes
  • If wreck diving appeals to you head to Nosy Tanikely to see the Mitsio Wreck - there is spectacular coral and creatures



Best Dive Sites in Madagascar

  • Nosy Be
  • Tanikely Marine Reserve
  • Nosy Tanikely - North East Reef
  • Nosy Tanikely - South Reef



Madagascar Dive Holidays

Best Time to Go Diving in Madagascar

The best time to go diving in Madagascar is between May and December as this is when water visibility is around 30m. A lot of people choose to go diving during the high season which is between July and August - the weather during this period is also cooler than normal.



Madagascar Diving Facts

  • Average water temperatures are around 25 all year round
  • Cyclone season usually runs from January to March



Booking Advice

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Madagascar Dive Reviews

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