Scuba Diving in Jordan

Thinking about going diving in Jordan? Our guide will help. Jordan has a tiny coastline of only 26km on the South coast of the country which is located on the Red Sea. Don't let the size put you off though, with year round dives available and over 25 sites to visit this will be a magical experience. The only place you can go diving in Jordan is the town of Aqaba which is a popular location and where you will find a lot of dive resorts based here. Search recommend dive centers, view reviews and arrange your dive holiday to Jordan today.


Scuba Diving Courses & Packages in Jordan


Guide to Scuba Diving in Jordan

Jordan is an increasinly popular country to go diving due to the cost of packages and also the warm climate. Every dive site in Jordan is different, you can expect to see spectacular coral gardens, deep canyons, sea turtles and ship wrecks. There are lots of coral reefs which are in good condition partly due to the area being made a marine park. The waters really are a photographer’s dream. Jordan is a great place to learn to dive as thre is little current and so less danger compared to other worldwide dive locations.



Best Time to Go Diving in Jordan

You can go diving all year round and there is no best time to visit. September to November are popular times to go diving as the weather isn't too hot and the water is warm - around 27 °C to 25 °C.



Best Dive Sites in Aqaba & Jordan

  • Japanese Garden
  • Eel Garden - the Pinnacle
  • Gorgone I
  • The Tank
  • Cedar Pride - an incredible place to see an old wreck
  • Rainbow Reef - a not so deep reef where you can see turles
  • Aqaba South Beach - go snorkelling close to the shore

If you would like to recommend a dive site in Jordan get in touch with us.



Marine Life

The waters of Aqaba are teeming with marine creatures you can expect to see small fish, shrimps, nudibranchs, pipefish, frogfish, eagle rays, sting rays, turtles and if you are lucky you might get to spot a whale shark. 




You will need a visa to visit Jordan which you can get on arrival. Evidence of a previous visit to Israel like an Israeli entry or exit stamp in your passport does not normally cause any difficulties when entering Jordan. Jordan is an Islamic country: dress modestly and behave courteously. Although it borders Syria and Iraq in the North, the diving areas are a long way from there. For security advice see the Foreign travel advice Jordan.



Diving Safety

You should also buy travel insurance incase of any accidents or emergenices. Make sure the insurance policy covers for scuba diving and other water based activities.



Cost of Dive Courses

You can expect too pay around 250-400 JD for a PADI Open water course in Aqaba. 



Recommended Dive Centers in Jordan

  • Aqaba Diving Seastar
  • Dive Aqaba
  • Aqaba Dive
  • Almarsa Aqaba



Jordan Scuba Diving Reviews

If you have ever been diving in Aqaba and would like to share your advice and experiences please contact us.



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