Scuba Diving in the Dominican Republic

The Domincan Republic is located in a spectacular setting surrounded by warm Caribbean waters. The waters are crystal clear meaning you will get excellent visibility to see the vibrant corals and spectacular marine life. The Dominican Republic is a tropical paradise and when diving here you can epxect to explore underwater caves, wrecks and if you are lucky see humpback whales. There are courses and trips for all levels and abilities, you can also book liveaboard dive safaris here. Some companies offer sea safaris to the dives sites off the coast of Sosua beach which are a great experience. 



Best Dive Sites in Dominican Republic

  • Most of the best sites in the Dominican Republic are located off the North Coast. 
  • One of the best dive sites is airport wall which has both hard and soft coral and lots of fish and shrimp.
  • The La Sirena Cave near Santo Domingo is a top dive destination with clear warm water, glittering crystals, limestone rocks and lots of stalactites and stalagmites. 


Wreck Diving in the Dominican Republic

If you would like to go wreck diving in the Dominican Republic we recommend Zingara wreck which is located off the North Coast. This is large upright cargo ship which is now home to various marine life like moray eels, baracudas and soldierfish.


Dive with Whales in the Dominican Republic

If you would like to observe or swim with humpback whales then head to The Samana Peninsula which is one of the top places in the Caribbean for sightings. The period between January and March is wehn humpback whales mate and give birth which can be a magical experience seeing up close. On a dive cruise or liveaboard trip you will get up close to these spectacular animals.


Best Time of the Year to Go Diving in Dominican Republic

You can dive all year round in the Dominican Republic. Sometimes the weather and visibility can be a little unpredicatable though so book during summer for high chances of clear waters.


Dominican Republic Diving Facts

  • The average surface temperature is about 25°C
  • Water temperature rangs between 28-24C with visibility between 5 to 30 m



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