Clinical Psychology Work Experience Abroad

Clinical Psychology Work Experience Abroad

Clinical psychology work experience is voluntary or paid work experience in the broad field of psychology. This type of work experience is crucial if you wish to train and work in psychology. There are many speciality areas in psychology, including clinical psychology, educational psychology, social psychology and industrial-organization psychology. Some forms of psychology focus solely on research while others concentrate on the practical application of psychology. You may wish to obtain psychology work experience in your chosen speciality.

However, if you are unable to do so, or are undecided as to the route you wish to go down, you may like to take up general psychology work experience. The depth and breath of the clinical psychology work experience you are able to benefit from will vary between settings. Psychologists do not just work in hospitals – they work in schools and colleges, in the workplace, in prisons and in private practices. The setting for your clinical psychology work experience will depend upon the type of work experience you desire. If you seek education psychology work experience, you will undoubtedly find yourself working in an educational setting.



Acquiring Clinical Psychology Work Experience

There are several ways in which to acquire psychology work experience. If you are a student, you will find your school careers advisor happy to help you find a suitable work experience placement. Alternatively, if you know someone working in the field of psychology, you may consider asking them how best to arrange a placement. Do not hesitate to make contact with psychologists working in private practice to ask if they are able to offer you work experience. Not all psychologists will allow you to shadow them while they are working on the job, which is where companies we have listed on our website can help. If you are looking for some stand out work experience combined with a unique travel adventure too then our placements are perfect for some Clinical Psychology work experience.



Applying For Clinical Psychology Work Experience

If you plan on studying psychology at university, you will require clinical psychology work experience before you submit your UCAS application. If you have been unable to arrange work experience, do not delay in submitting your UCAS form but instead state the date on which you will begin your clinical psychology work experience. Applicants with work experience to their name are more likely to be asked for an interview. Be prepared to talk about your clinical psychology work experience with the interview panel.



The Importance of Clinical Psychology Work Experience

Clinical psychology work experience is highly important. If you plan on working in psychology but have never shadowed anyone working in the field, it is the perfect way in which to decide whether a career in psychology is for you. You may love or loathe clinical psychology work experience and this can determine whether or not you wish to study psychology at university. Some university psychology faculties require clinical psychology work experience. Others simply like to see it on an applicant’s CV. Applicants with clinical psychology work experience to their name are better able to understand the role of a psychologist and hence, whether a career in psychology is suited to them. Work experience demonstrates a candidate’s willingness to learn more about their chosen course of study and since most individuals take up work experience unpaid, it shows a level of commitment and dedication like no other 



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