Free Working Holiday Visas for Australia

  • Free Working Holiday Visas for Australia

Would you like to head to work in Australia but don’t know how to get started? Work abroad specialist, BUNAC are offering FREE AUSTRALIA WORKING HOLIDAY VISAS to anyone who books onto their ultimate programme with group flights! The 12-month visa usually costs £299! So what are you waiting for? 

China Travel Blogger Competition

  • China Travel Blogger Competition

Fancy yourself as a natural travel blogger? Leading gap year specialists Real Gap Experience are on the hunt for a travel blogger to send out to China this summer. Whether you’re a budding writer, master of all things Instagram or vlogger extraordinaire - they want to hear from you. 

Unmissable Trips for Summer 2016!

  • Unmissable Trips for Summer 2016!

With spring finally in the air it’s time to dust off the passport and grab that backpack! To help you kick start summer 2016 in the right direction, Real Gap Experience have pulled together their top experiences full of drool worthy travel inspiration. Get the bucket list ready guys, these are pretty epic. Plus to make things even better, they’ve just launched their MASSIVE sale with savings of up to 25% off their most popular trips. Whether you want to escape the routine 9-5, or have something to get you through the stressful exam period – get your spot saved whilst it’s on sale!

Win a Trip to Bali

  • Win a Trip to Bali

Dream of visiting Bali? Leading travel company, Real Gap Experience, are offering one lucky winner a space on their incredible 8 day Bali beaches tour. Comprising of over 17,000 islands stretched across the equator over a distance of almost 5000km, Indonesia is the world’s fourth largest archipelagic state with a population of over 234 million people. It's rich and diverse culture, amazing scenery and idyllic beaches, makes it a fantastic all round destination.

Top 5 Destinations for 2016

  • Top 5 Destinations for 2016

Want to travel but not sure where to go? Don’t worry, Real Gap Experience have listed their top five must-go travel destinations for 2016! Whether you want to embrace new cultures, experience something new, lend a hand in a community or simply see the world, they’ve got it covered! With over 160 different projects across over 30 countries they’ve got something for every type of traveller. Check out their top 5 below, and get ready to tick that travel bucket list off!

Volunteers & Leaders Needed in Africa

  • Volunteers & Leaders Needed in Africa

Are you looking to do something life changing? Aged 18-25? Apply today to spend three life changing months in Lesotho, Botswana or South Africa. We also need Team Leaders, aged 23+ (no upper age limit), to volunteer for 6 months.

One World 365 Social Media Pages

  • One World 365 Social Media Pages

We have some of the most popular travel social media pages in the world including over 300,000+ followers on Twitter and over 100,000+ page fans on Facebook. Join our pages today.

Best Things to Do on a Gap Year in 2017

  • Best Things to Do on a Gap Year in 2017

Do you love to travel? Are you thinking about taking a gap year next year? Considering what to do? Don't waste the experience by doing nothing, instead plan ahead and book the most amazing experience of your life. We have put together some top suggestions for things to do on a gap year in 2017, hopefully this will give you inspiration and give you ideas for what to do on your perfect break away.

5 Reasons to Take a TEFL Course in 2016

  • 5 Reasons to Take a TEFL Course in 2016

If you fancy exploring a different culture while earning money and gaining invaluable experience, you might want to consider TEFL training. If you’re a native English speaker you could begin an enjoyable and profitable overseas career as soon as you acquire your Teaching English as a Foreign Language qualification. Still aren’t convinced it’s the path for you? Well, here are the top reasons why you should teach English abroad!

Christmas: Best Cities to Visit & Things to Do

  • Christmas: Best Cities to Visit & Things to Do

As the holidays are vastly approaching, were all looking for somewhere magical to spend it! Whether the snows in metres or none existent you can still find some amazing and must do things in London, New York and Paris. The three most seasonal cities in the world; ice-skating, shopping, eating parting and sightseeing - you can do it all and you can even do it together! And of course better than anywhere else!

What countries have the highest data roaming charges when travelling overseas?

Smartphones have become an essential part of life for many of us, and taking them abroad on holiday or on business trips is something many of us like to do. However, before you use touch screen mobile phones when travelling around the world, it is wise to carefully check what you may be charged for call, texts and especially using the internet – which is called data roaming charges. We have put together some useful information on what charges are likely and where the highest rates are, hopefully this will be helpful if you are planning a trip and want to take your mobile without the fear of running up a big bill.

Luxury Travelling: Is a Campervan for You?

  • Luxury Travelling: Is a Campervan for You?

When it comes to luxury travel, what comes to mind? Sipping champagne in the first class lounge? Sadly, the luxury ends once you leave the airport. What about caviar dreams aboard a beautiful historic train? Wonderful, unless you want to go somewhere the train does not.

Traveling Abroad; Defining Wanderlust

  • Traveling Abroad; Defining Wanderlust

There are so many reasons why you should consider taking time out to travel, whether for a short break or a sabbatical. One of our featured travel writers Rebecca Kadansky gives us her top reasons why she travels, what she enjoys about the experience, how to plan and why you should get the impulse to wander…

Equipment Packing Advice for Travel Adventurers

  • Equipment Packing Advice for Travel Adventurers

With adventure holidays becoming increasingly popular, more and more people are looking for a thrilling week or two away from home and work. Rather than a chance to recover, they want to push themselves and use that adrenalin rush as an alternative form of relaxation. Experienced adventurers are constantly searching for new and exciting terrains and activities, while budding explorers stand on the cusp of discovering something magical; what's constant throughout is the need to equip yourself correctly.

Why do People Travel Overseas

  • Why do People Travel Overseas

For some people, travel is an important part of living, whilst others never leave their comfort zone and don’t feel the need to travel. Travel is a huge industry and literally millions of people travel abroad every year boosting local economies and seeing spectacular new places. There really are a million reasons why people from different countries travel overseas, we find when interacting with the public there are so many motivations and we have put together a list with some of the most common reasons.

Top Things People Most Dislike About Traveling Abroad

  • Top Things People Most Dislike About Traveling Abroad

We are always on the look out for peoples opinions and this week on our popular social media pages we asked our followers what they disliked most about traveling abroad. Some of the answers were quite normal like when home and not travelling is the worst thing. Read on for more information about people's top dislikes when overseas traveling the world.

Recommended Travel Books

  • Recommended Travel Books

Are you planning a trip or holiday? If you are in need of inspiration for a good read whilst you are away we have put together a list of recommended travel books which you should enjoy whilst away. This list was compiled by our Twitter users who tweeted their advice.

Over 100,000 Followers on Twitter

  • Over 100,000 Followers on Twitter

We have reached a new milestone, we now have over 100,000 followers on Twitter!! We have been using Twitter for a number of years and are really engaged in social networking which is a great way for us to interact with people around the world...

Popular Christmas Volunteer Breaks

  • Popular Christmas Volunteer Breaks

Are you thinking about doing some different this Christmas? On our website you can find holiday and trips to destinations all around the world. Some of our trips come with a difference though, you could join international volunteer projects really helping other communities and countries. On our website you can search volunteer organisations who offer a range of Christmas and New Year breaks and we have put together a list of popular Christmas / New Year volunteer breaks you can apply to join this year...

Ape Action Africa Charity Fundraiser in London

  • Ape Action Africa Charity Fundraiser in London

Ape Action Africa are an organisation we promote on our website, they help goriallas, chimpanzee's and primates in Africa and the work they do is inspirational. Rachel Hogan, Ape Action Africa's Director, is flying to London from Cameroon to talk about her heart-wrenching work with endangered gorillas and chimpanzees. Join Ape Action Africa for a great evening - you will be greeted with a drinks reception on arrival, followed by Rachel's presentation, a charity auction and an opportunity to meet Rachel during the evening.

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