Learn Fijian

Got a trip to Fiji planned? Or just interested in the culture and country? Want to interact with locals and be more than just a tourist? View our guide to learning Fijian We have also put together a list of useful words and phrases for travel in Fiji.



  • Hello - Bula
  • How are you? - Vacava tiko?
  • What is your name? - O cei na yacamu(ni)?
  • My name is ()… - Na yacaqu o …
  • Where are you from? - O ni lako mai vei?
  • I’m from … - O kemuni mai vei?
  • Sorry - Vosota sara 
  • Please - Yalo vinaka
  • Thank you - Vinaka, Vinaka vaka levu




  • Good morning - Yadra, Ni sa yadra
  • Good afternoon/evening - Bula, Ni sa Bula
  • Good night/Goodbye - Moce, Ni sa moce




  • Pleasure to meet you - Ia bula
  • Have a nice day - Vanuinui vinaka ki na siga ni kua
  • Bon appetit - Da kana!
  • Bon voyage - Vanuinui vinaka e nomu volau
  • I don’t understand - Au sega ni taura rawa
  • Could you speak more slowly please? - Vosa mada vakamalua?
  • Could you repeat that? - Tukuna tale mada
  • Do you speak English? - O vosa vakavalagi?
  • How do you say … in Fijian? Na cava na kena vosa vakaviti ni …?
  • Excuse me - Au lako mada yani (to get past)




  • How much is this? - E vica na kena i-sau?




  • Stop - Kele
  • Help - Kere veivuke
  • Call the police - Qirita na ovisa
  • Fire - Kama
  • Where’s the toilet? - E vei na vale-lailai?




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