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Interested in working in Israel? View our guide to gaining employment in Israel which includes jobs, recommended recruiters who hire foreign staff and also information about work permits and eligibility. There are full time and temporary positions available duriing summer and all year round to students, graduates and anyone looking to live and work in this amazing destination.


Seasonal, Summer & Year Round Jobs in Israel

Israel Jobs

Popular Industries to Work

  • Advertising
  • Au Pair
  • Business
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Gaming
  • IT
  • Language/Multilingual
  • Management
  • Marketing/PR
  • NGO
  • Research/Development
  • Teaching
  • Tourism
  • Translation



Best Places to Seek Employment

You can find temporary work throughout the country we highly recommended the larger cities and tourist areas where there are more international companies based:

  • Jerusalem
  • Haifa
  • Tel Aviv



How to Get a Job in Israel as a Foreigner

It can be difficult for foreigners to find work in Israel due to competing with other foreigners and also native Israelis who are very well educated. If you are looking for professional / fix term jobs and are applying from overseas we recommend applying via recruitment websites and local job sites in Israel in advance of your preferred start date. Some companies will offer interviews over the internet whilst others might require you to attend a face to face interview.

Some Israeli recruitment agencies have their websites in Hebrew which can make the process of applying more complex but there are also English sites and try Linkedin which is a good resource. Also a lot of international companies including Cadbury, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Motorla and Schweppes have offices in Israel and have international recruitment sections on their websites. At first it might seem quite difficult to start your application and find positions but don't give up, it is possible and thousands of internationals work here every year.



Visa & Requirements

To legally work in Israel you must have a work permit and visa which is only provided once a company has offered you a position. Most positions will require you to be able to speak English, knowing basic Hebrew will be a benefit but not a necessity for most positions. If you are struggling to find any suitable placements you might want to consider applying for internship programs in Israel - although most are unpaid you will get to make new contacts and it might open the door to something more long term. Like in other destinations you can work abroad a lot of jobs are recruited through networking rathering than publicly advertised.


Work in Israel

Jobs for Students in Israel

Are you a student or graduate Interested in working in Israel? Looking for some flexible work whilst you travel? Or interested in spending a gap year in Israel doing more than sightseeing? Consider working in Israel. Some companies offer work exchanges some of which are paid whilst others are voluntary but have benefits e.g. airfare reembursment, accommodation or food. Some students take a TEFL certification course then apply to teach English in Israel - there are positions are schools whilst you can also be creative and give private lessons.



Summer Jobs Israel

Summer Jobs in Israel

Interested in finding paid work in Israel during summer? Applying from overseas? There are some options available to you!

One of the most popular ways to work in Israel and also get to stay for free is to work at a hostel or guest house. There are hostels throughout the country which hire foreigners to help with daily tasks. Some positions are temporary/part time whilst others can be more fixed term. Most hostels provide free accommodation and meals which is an added bonus. Some hostels will offer a stipend salary or hire you on a voluntary basis which avoids any visa issues. Benefits include keeping costs down, meeting lots of other travelers and getting to live and work which allows you to stay longer.

If you would like to experience living and working in Israel you might want to consider summer volunteer programs in Israel which are a great way to meet other people and see the sights.



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