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Interested in working in Bulgaria? We are writing a guide to gaining employment in Bulgaria which will include jobs, recommended recruiters who hire foreign staff and also information about work permits and eligibility. There are lots of seasonal jobs available year round for foreginers, during summer you could work at a bar, hotel, club or holiday resort in sales, promo, bar staff, dj or tour guide somewhere like the party destination of Sunny Beach. In winter you could apply to work a ski season.


Seasonal Jobs in Bulgaria

Search summer, winter and year round working holiday jobs in Bulgaria

Bulgaria Jobs

Guide to Working in Bulgaria

There are a limited number of year round employment opportunities to students, graduates and people seeking paid jobs overseas. If you are looking for a rewarding experience you could volunteer in Bulgaria - although unpaid, it is a great way to integrate into the local culture.



Summer Jobs Bulgaria

Summer Jobs in Bulgaria

You can find summer jobs at holiday resorts, clubs, bars and summer camps, you might also like to consider teaching in Bulgaria. The most popular seasonal position in Bulgaria is to work at a holiday resort like Sunny Beach. Here you will find lots of bars, clubs and tourism companies offering flexible positions to international staff - this is a great way to spend a working holiday in Bulgaria getting paid and also getting to party. Most jobs are focused on sales or promotion - selling tickets, drinks or holiday packages. Some clubs advertise for marketing, manager and dj jobs.

For summer jobs you have two options, apply before departing or wait till you arrive. If you search our recommended recruiters you can apply today with or if you are planning on going solo be independent, arrive in your destination early, make new contacts, get chatting with locals and put yourself out there. 



Winter Jobs in Bulgaria

There are a wide range of winter jobs at ski resorts in Bulgaria. Winter work at ski resorts can include leading ski lessons, working in hospitality, being chalet staff, a cook, cleaner, ski lift operator or looking after children in childcare roles. Please be sure to apply for winter jos early as competition is high. Winter jobs in Bulgaria are increasingly popular with people on working holidays visas as competition for roles is less competative than destinations like France, Austria, Italy and Switerzerland. You might like to also view all of our seasonal jobs in Europe.



How to Apply

Above you can search featured positions and recruiters. Before departing or applying please research all recruiters and positions to make sure they are right for you and make sure you get all the information you need e.g. airpor picks ups and accommodation details. 



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