Internships in Panama

Interested in interning abroad? Looking for an exotic destination? Consider going to gain experience on an intern progam in Panama. 


Intern Programs in Panama

Guide to Interning in Panama

Internships in Panama

You can find well established local and also famous international companies operating in Panama. There are so many different industries you can intern in including banking, business, finance, marketing, tourism, hospitality, NGO and conservation. Some international agencies offer structured placements to internationals which are perfect if you are student seeking work experience.


Top Places to Apply

Panama City is our top recommended destination to go, this is where most businesses are based and where you will stand the best opportunity to find a placement. Bocas del Toro is where a lot of nature and conservation intern programs are located.


Paid Internships in Panama

If you are looking for paid internships in Panama you will need to put together a strong application. These positions can be difficult to find but not impossible. Some other companies offer a stipend salary or help with transport and food. Please note living costs are very high in Panama compared to other Central America internships destinations.



Most companies will usually require you to be aged 18+. Knowing basic Spanish is recommended. If you are applying from the United Kingdom or United States then you will not need a visa to intern Panama. A general tourist visa will be okay and allows you to stay for up to 180 days. 


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