Internships in Hong Kong

Apply to intern in Hong Kong. There are summer, paid and work experience internship programs available which can be booked through our website. Hong Kong is one of the worlds key commercial and financial centres where you can experience culture, history, tradition and also learn new skills perfect for boosting a CV / resume. Intern programs are open to students, graduates and anyone seeking to gain hands on experience and also boost a career. Search our internships in Hong Kong today.


Intern in Hong Kong

Guide to interning in Hong Kong 

Hong Kong is one of the most popular intern abroad destinations in the world and our internship programs are tailored to enhance both your professional and personal development. Hong Kong is know as Asia’s World City, this city is very multicultural with people from all over the world working here. Most people choose to intern in business and finance due to Hong Kong being a world leading destination in the global financial market.



Paid Internships in Hong Kong

Industries You Can Intern

Lots of multi-global companies have offices in Hong Kong and there are a wide selection of placements available including:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Finance
  • Law & Legal
  • Marketing
  • Tourism and Travel



Start Dates

Internship programs run every month all year round.




Most international internships in Hong Kong are available to university students, recent graduates, and people seeking to gain work experience in a specific field of work. You will need to be open to living and working in a new country and environment.



How to Apply

You can view our internships and providers above. Some companies offer structured internships in Hong Kong which include placements, visa assistance, accommodation, social and networking events, 24/7 support and language lessons. You will need to pay a fee for this service. You might also like to view our internship programs in China.



Internship Programs in Hong Kong

What to Expect

Hong Kong is an iconic city with a population of 7+ million people and hundreds of skyscrapers some of which are over 150 metres tall! Life as a Hong Kong intern is fantastic! You will also benefit long term, having this experience on your CV / resume will look impressive to future employers. In your spare time you might want to escape the frantic city life and head to one of the more relaxing islands to relax at the beach, go hiking or even explore nearby countries in Asia



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