Zambia Gap Year

Thinking about taking a gap year to Africa? Unsure which country is best to visit? Looking for an authentic experience like to other? Consider Zambia. This country has a rich culture and friendly local people most of which live in extreme poverty. Facilities and infrastructure in this country can be basic but that shouldn't take away what a magical experience you will have visiting. Search programs today.


Gap Year Trips & Programs in Zambia


Plan a Gap Year to Zambia

There are lots of gap year experiences available in Zambia mostly helping people and wildlife. Most gap year programs will require you to be in good health, aged 18+ also there are join dates every month. There is no Nationality eligibility for most gap year experiences, you will need to be eligble for a tourist visa. Please check latest health and safety advice before departing for Zambia, malaria can be a problem and so you might want to get medication prior to arriving. We recommend packing a mosquito net, water purification saches, light clothing and a first aid kit. Local food can be basic including fish with rice, stewed cabbage and pumpkin leaves with peanuts but still tasty.



Plan a Gap Year to Zambia

"I went on a gap year, I went to do three month in the livingstone to participate on a building project, I had a lot fun and made loads of new experiences, I really enjoyed this gap year program with African impact, it was the best three months of my life!" - Anton, UK



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