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Namibia might not be the first country which comes to your mind when thinking about taking a gap year, but you will really enjoy visiting this Southern African destination. Namibia is very easy to get to country, you can fly, cross from South Africa or join an overland tour. We list programs for students, graduates, budget travelers, career breaks and anyone wanting to do something new. This destination ranks highly with travellers, see why for yourself.


Gap Year Programs in Namibia

Plan a Gap Year to Namibia

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Gap Year in Namibia

Guide to Taking a Gap Year to Namibia

Namibia is a great destination, a lot of people don't think about visiting when planning a break away but this country often turns out to be everyones favorite place. The only way to understand is to visit for yourself, try to research all places you might want to visit as there are short and long term trips available depending on your interests and requirements. You will get to see the spectacular Atlantic Ocean and also the mindbogling Kalahari desert, National Parks full of wildlife and also lots of different adventure activities like sandboarding and canyon trekking. 

To visit Namibia most people initially take a gap year in South Africa and fly into Cape Town, from here you can travel by land into Namibia. There are also trips from other countries like Botswana or you could catch a flight direct into Namibia. There is great infrastructure for tourists with budget and luxury accommodation throughout the country whilst several travel operators offer gap year packages and trips. 

By working on a gap year in Namibia you will be able to help projects and communities in a variety of areas like conservation and community development. Structured gap year programs will provide independent experiences where you can mix with friendly locals and make a real difference. Popular projects include helping exotic animals like cheetahs. You may also be volunteering alongside another international participants and get to meet backpackers from all over the world. A lot of people travel overland throughout this region.

So what are you waiting for? Start planing a dream experience in Namibia today. 



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