Morocco Gap Year

Find exciting gap year programs allowing individuals the opportunity to experience the wonders of Morocco, these are ideal for gap year people looking to experiment and get a flavour of the country for a short period of time. If you want to truly see the sights and sounds of authentic Morocco then our gap year programs are designed for you.


Gap Year Programs in Morocco

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Plan a Gap Year to Morocco

View our programs where you can travel, learn, explore and have one of the best gap year experiences ever. Search gap year programs for students, graduates, career breaks and anyone seeking the experience of a lifetime. Morocco is a mere 3 hrs from the UK and the programs we have on our website are filled with excitement - designed to encapsulate the wonders of locations like Marrakech and Essaouira, offer breath taking views of the Atlas mountains, and experience the ways of the Berbers through community and cultural exchanges. There are cheap and budget options avilable and you can book ahead and join throughout the year.

Our Morocco gap year adventures are open to individuals and groups of all ages, you can join for short term period (usually 2 weeks) or stay longer. Our opportunities are flexible and if you contact us we should be able to tailor your requirements to a specific program. If you are looking for a different type of experience you can study Arabic in Morocco. French and Tamazight language courses are also available whilst you can also join law and human rights internships here which is a great way to gain hands on work experience and get to live in a totally different culture.

Places you can visit include Marakesh and the stunning Sahara desert which is spectacular! Also if you are looking for a special experience you can combine community initiatives with off the beaten track travel experiences. You can join a brand new exciting 10 day program allowing individuals the opportunity to experience the wonders of Morocco, this is ideal for people looking to experiment and get a flavour of the country for a short period of time. 



Gap Year in Marrakesh

Wondering what it is like to spend a gap year in Morocco? Francesca Saunders made her first trip to Marrakech in November; she was prepared to be greeted by the chaotic city street scenes and beautiful rural vistas but the ancient square of Jemaa El-Fna far surpassed any expectations she had. Here is her account of exploring the market square:

I’d never seen anything like it. The bustling square of Jemaa El-Fna demanded your undivided attention from the moment you first stepped foot in it. I remember standing there, feeling that of a foreign interloper, my eyes scanning across the restless sea of people, searching for even the faintest trace of familiarity. I was granted none. Instead I was faced with the sight of snake charmers offering their trade whilst the sultry sunshine ensured the lethargic state of the serpents; an assembly of fortune-tellers ready to hypnotise unsuspecting victims with their mysterious, spellbinding crafts; and a carnival of entertainers and acrobats captivating those who looked in their direction by showcasing their bizarre talents with finesse.  

As if this wasn’t enough of a culture shock, you then find yourself getting ushered down one of the ‘side streets’ which actually plunges you into the heart of a warren of vibrant and overwhelming souks – and this is where the real fun begins. You are simply compelled to enter further into this labyrinth, weaving your way through the masses of market traders attempting to sell their goods; the obstreperous motorbikes (which fail to slow for anyone); and the occasional carts, filled to the brim with watermelons or bricks. 

The narrow streets aim to disorientate you with every twist and turn. Your senses are left to absorb the enticing array of traditional spices heaped on the ground; throngs of glimmering silk babouche slippers; stacks of cheerful, hand-woven carpets; and clusters of decorative, painted ceramics whilst exotic aromas hang heavily in the air and the intoxicating juxtaposition of colours intensify the vibrancy of the scene. Even the continual hum of voices conversing in Arabic adds to the raw authenticity of this rather simple, yet peculiar experience, allowing the souks of Marrakech to effortlessly enchant you further and make you wonder what else this vivacious city could possibly have in store for you.