Gap Year in Malaysia

Gap Year in Malaysia

Malaysia is a small country but there really is a wealth of travel opportunities from trekking jungles, to seeing high mountain peaks to floating down rivers you will find something for you. There are some of the best beaches and islands in the world here too. We offer trips for students, graduates, career breaks, budget backpackers and for people seeking to do more than your average experience. 


Malaysia Gap Year Trips, Programs & Travel Ideas

Plan a Gap Year to Malaysia

Malaysia is a beautiful country to spend a gap year.

This country is a lot less touristy and cheaper than a gap year in Thailand and there is tasty local food and spectacular places to visit. Also expect beaches and lots of adventure activities for backpackers and budget travellers. Malaysia is a nice mix of old and new, millions of tourists visit every year and head to luxury resorts but with our website you can do something a whole lot more constructive.

If you don't want an experience of just sitting on a beach our gap years will appeal to you. You could learn to dive in this popular South-East Asia gap year destination, you'll also get to meet new people and get up close and personal to exotic fish and sharks! Another popular option is to volunteer with orangutans in Borneo. Search ideas on our directory today.


Malaysia Gap Year Reviews & Testimonials

"If you want to do something different after school, something that will really make an impact, not just on those you help, but also on yourself, then I would definately recommend applying for a gap year program with Project Trust! My time in Malaysia was the best gap year experience!" - Alex, Netherlands