Ethiopia Gap Year

Looking for an incredible experience? Plan a life changing gap year to Ethiopia. There are lots of worthwhile programs available to book all year round. On a tour or in your spare time from a program you could see the churches at Lalibela and the holy city of Axum - both historic and cultural places of interest are must see destinations. 


Gap Year Programs in Ethiopia

Ethiopia Gap Year

Ideas for What to Do on a Gap Year in Ethiopia

Researching ideas for the best things to do on your gap year in Ethiopia? The following pages will help you book an experience:



Ethiopia Gap Year Programs

Guide to Taking a Gap Year in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is a country to visit if you want to feel the warmth of African culture and people - don't let the image of famine and poverty stop you from applying. Ethiopia is a very safe destination and a very peaceful country to experience and most gap year programs are located in Addis Ababa which is the capital of Ethiopia, this is also where most international flights arrive into. This is a city which is great to explore, there is a mix of old and new buildings whilst there is a warm climate almost all year round. You will get an experience like no other in this country and whether you are a student, graduate, career breaker or just looking for gap year opportunities in Ethiopia then our website will appeal to you.

Ethiopian Infrastructure and the country as a whole has improved a lot over the last decade but there is still a for help and assistance form skilled / non skilled international helpers. We have a diverse range of projects in Ethiopia available to join all year round. You could join placements on care and community projects, teaching English, coaching sports, helping at schools or working at an orphanage. If you are looking for work experience then there are journalism, healthcare, medicine and physiotherapy internships and placements. You could also study in Ethiopia by taking a class to learn Amharic. Most Africa gap year placements are open to people aged 16+ but you will need to be in good health and have a flexible / open attitude. Ethiopia is a very poor country probably unlike anywhere you have ever visited before, don't expect everything to be up to Western standards.



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