Yogyakarta Animal Rescue Centre

This wildlife rescue centre located on the indonesian island of Java. It is home to many different species confiscated from Indonesia's rampant illegal wildlife trade.

Location: Yogyakarta: Indonesia
Term: Throughout the year
Program Duration: 2-4 weeks, 3-6 months (includes high school academic semester abroad)
Typical Duration of Program: 2-4 weeks
Dates: 1: 20/6 - 3/7, Team 2: 19/7-31/7, Team 3: 23/8-5/9 further dates TBD

We need compassionate volunteers to assist in the daily care and enrichment programme for a number of orangutans at this rescue facility in Yogyakarta.

At an existing rescue centre in Yogyakarta, we are in the early stages of building a large biosphere (currently code-named the "Orangudome") to house 50-100 red apes by the end of this year. This project has the involvement and support of the royal family of Yogyakarta, the local community and is creating a role model for captive care of orangutans around the world. This centre forms an important element in the battle against the illegal wildlife trade, enabling orangutans to be confiscated and immediately brought into a professional facility prior to establishing their origins in Borneo or Sumatra and the lengthy process of sending them home. For many of these victims of the illegal wildlife trade, their chances of rehabilitation and release back to the wild are limited due to their age and amount of time already spent in captivity. There are several large cheek-padders languishing in confined conditions in zoos and government facilities across Java, for which the Orangudome will be a second chance at dignity and a better life. There are also several young orangutans that will then have opportunity to begin the early stages of rehabilitation, while their chances of being returned to their natural habitat are being worked on in parallel.

Thus the new orangutan rescue facilities serve the orangutans in the following ways:
- Sanctuary care for red apes that cannot return to the wild
- Rehabilitation half-way house for those groups of young orangutans that can later be transferred to a release programme in their home range
- A tool to enable enforcement of wildlife laws, having somewhere to bring confiscated animals
- The scale of the project will also hopefully draw more attention to the issues faced by orangutans and serve as an educational facility to help preserve wild orangutans and their habitat
- The design of the dome and standards of primate welfare will be a role model for captive orangutan management and it is hoped that this will assist in improving welfare of orangutans in other facilities and zoos around the world

- Yogyakarta is the cultural centre of Java, and the centre is located within 45 mins of the landmark Borobodur.
- The project offers a unique opportunity to learn about these magnificent red apes and help hands on with their daily care.

All training is provided, we need many hands on the project to help out, experienced and non-experience animal carers alike.

Intern Types
Animal Sciences
Zoology & Wildlife Sciences
Cost in US$:
700 p/person 2 weeks

Cost Includes:
In-country orientation/Training
In-country staff support
Written materials pre-departure
Cost Include Description:
The volunteer fee includes pre-arrival advice, pick-up from Yogyakarta airport, induction/training on site, accommodation in a nice room, breakfast/lunch/dinner, drinking water and a contribution towards the costs of the team project materials (things we make and build for the orangutans and other primates).

We hope to also include some form of excursion halfway through the team dates (e.g. to Borobodur), this is still TBD and may still require a small further contribution (e.g. entrance fees, etc).

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