What a project like the Yanapay village needs is exactly what can't be bought: love, that love that emanates naturally from every living being on this planet. 

There are local volunteers: people who live in the town or area where the organization exists. There are foreign volunteers, who could be people from other areas of Peru as well as from other countries.

This is why volunteering is one of the ways to build a new society. At the same time, I think that it is important to point out that the word 'volunteer' means not only that the person should not expect any financial compensation, but it also means that the person should not make any financial payment for the volunteer work that he/she will do.

It is clear that if other agreements are made, such as providing a place to stay or food, or any other compensation; these fall within the norms and regulations of each individual organization.

Our organization offers you the following opportunities for volunteer: In our schools or in our altern project.

First, remember we are talking about children and adolescents that live very difficult lives, so it is important to try to create a trusting relationship with them in order to teach them the different things that the Yanapay village believes in. (See ideology)

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