Divemaster Training, Byron Bay, Australia

Company : Xtreme Gap Year
Activities: Scuba Diving / Jobs
Duration: 2 months to 3 months
Approx Costs: 3000+ to 3000+ £ Pound (UK)

Train to become a Divemaster! Experience living the life as a Divemaster in one of the coolest towns in Australia, Byron Bay! 

You know the best thing about training to be a Divemaster? You are training to “work” in one of the most enjoyable jobs in the world. That's not the best part either, the “training” is great fun! You will complete a minimum of 60 dives at Byron Bays Julian Rocks dive site – one of the most bio diverse sites in Australia, attracting lots of large marine life. Dolphins and Whales often shadow the dive boat out to the site!



The 10-week schedule is as follows (as a student you have your weekends off). This is for the Open Water (OW) to Divemaster programme.

Week 1 Open Water Course. Duration: 5 days

Course Content: Your diving experience starts with basics in the comfort of the swimming pool then you move on to the excitement of the ocean with six exciting dives, refining your skills to become a competent diver.

Week 2 Advanced Open Water Course. Duration: 5 days

Course Content: Experience the different elements of diving in the second part of your diving adventure. Deep diving, underwater navigation, drift diving and marine identification are just a few of the specialties to choose from. Your instructor will help choose the dives that best suit your needs.

Week 3 1st Aid. Duration: 2 days

Course Content: An internationally recognized CPR and 1st aid course that covers a wide range of scenarios including bleeding, spinal injuries, victim assessment and life support. This course is not only applicable to the dive industry but any work place. A prerequisite for the rescue diver course.

Week 3 O2 Provider. Duration: 1/2 day

Course Content: The effective use of oxygen is one of the most important skills in diving, cardiac and respiratory emergency. The course outlines various aspects of providing oxygen including, respiration, delivery systems, oxygen resuscitation and advanced life support techniques.

Week 4 Rescue course. Duration: 5 days

Course Content: Develop new skills in self-aid and buddy assist as well as search and recovery techniques. Understand how to recognize and deal with fellow divers suffering from stress. During the theory, pool and open water sessions you will cover areas such as accident prevention, under and above water rescues and full rescue scenarios.

Week 5 Vessel Handling and Nautical Knowledge

Get to know how to handle the ribs and get them in and out of the water, as well as learning boat setup and maintenance.

Week 6 Divemaster Study Week       

In the week before your Divemaster Course starts you will have time to do pre-study and prepare yourself for your upcoming course. During this week you will be given all your Divemaster manuals.

Week 7 and 8 Divemaster Course. Duration: 10 days

Course Content: Knowledge – Communication, presentation and effective teaching techniques are some of the important skills you learn in this professional qualification. Knowledge of physics, physiology, and decompression theory along with a host of other dive related components will be covered, to enable you to become the best Divemaster possible.

Practical – In water training is conducted in confined water (swimming pool) and open water (Julian Rocks, Cape Byron Marine Park), with skill demonstration and assessment, leading dives and specialized assist techniques being taught. Your skill level will become second to none

Week 9 and 10 Divemaster Internship. Duration: 10 days

Internship – The real thing, under the guidance of a highly qualified instructor put your new but refined skill’s into action. Assist complete beginners in their open water course, teach specialty diver course’s and conduct scuba review sessions.

If you are already an Open Water diver you can start with the Advanced Open Water Course (AOW).


Your Qualification Allows You To:

  • Work on dive boats, at resorts and retail stores, take people diving
  • Lead dive trips and tours
  • Conduct discover Scuba programmes
  • Teach and certify Skin diver programmes
  • Teach selected specialty diver programmes
  • Assist instructors in the pool and open water
  • Teach skills in the pool under instructor supervision
  • Enjoy a lifestyle like no other


What is Included

  • Airport transfers to/from Brisbane and Coolangatta international airports and Ballina domestic airport
  • PADI-accredited dive courses from Open Water to Divemaster, including instruction & all classroom materials
  • All dives
  • Divemaster manual & registration
  • First Aid & O2 administration course
  • Equipment service technician course
  • Marine vessel care & maintenance certificate
  • Compressed air cylinder filling qualification
  • Accommodation in a spacious self-contained diver´s lodge
  • Evening meals
  • The PADI registration fee
  • All dive equipment for rent
  • Weekly BBQ every Sunday night
  • And most importantly, the CONFIDENCE & LEADERSHIP skills to excel both in and out of the water!



  • 8 weeks - Rescue and ERF to Divemaster £3789
  • 9 weeks- Advanced OW to Divemaster £4219 
  • 10 weeks - Open water to Divemaster £4599

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