Renewable Energy Educational Trip in Iceland

Company : Worldwide Navigators
Location : Iceland
Duration: < 1 week to 6 weeks
Approx Costs: 500 to 3000+ $ Dollars (US)

Velkomið að landi elds og ís!

Just a century ago, Iceland was one of the poorest countries in Europe, and fully dependent upon peat and imported coal.

Today, 99% of Iceland’s energy consumed is produced from renewable energy sources. Come along with us to discover the story of how Iceland has become a leader for the rest of the modern world in sustainable and renewable energy.

Stand in awe of your surroundings while you experience the wonderland sculpted by Earth’s natural elements. Marvel at geysers and glaciers galore as you venture through geologic library hundreds of thousands of years in the making.

Discover the delicate balances of Iceland; between fire and ice, light and dark, the natural world and man made innovation. 

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