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Work camp Kenya is a non-profit making organization based and registered in Kenya which works solely to promote both local and international volunteerism and community empowerment through strategic initiatives that build their lives.

A work camp is a group of international volunteers from different who come together to assist a local community with a project. Volunteers are 18 or older and are prepared to live and work in a communal environment. They prepare meals, work, and relax together and with the local community. Work camps are a great way to make new friends, complete a meaningful project in your community and increase your international understanding.

Kenya is one of the most popular destinations for volunteer vacations in East Africa region. One acquires experience of a lifetime as volunteer(s) travel from one end to the other to work and make a real difference in the lives of a people.

Voluntary work camps are community-based projects in which a group of both local and international volunteers come together to engage and work on a selected project. They voluntarily and actively participate on social, ecological and or culturally relevant initiatives for the benefit of the community while at the same time earning valuable knowledge/skills. Volunteers may also work or serve at human rights centers that too are based in diverse background and address certain problems that are peculiar.
Arrive with a willingness to learn, listen, and help out. Keep an open mind as you will probably be exposed to cultural differences that are hard to understand. Ask questions, initiate discussions, break the ice.
Before you leave read as much information as possible about your destination and learn a few words of the local language. Try to imagine what you will find there and plan some activities to do there.
Familiarize yourself with the topic or focus of the work camp. You may be expected to participate in local discussions. If possible, bring materials relevant to the project from your own region.
Be prepared to cook! In most work camps volunteers cook for the group on a rotating basis. Bring some recipes from home that are simple and you know how to prepare.
Free Time Activities: bring games, cards, and musical instruments according with the kind of work camp. It is important to build group spirit.
Local Laws: respect the local tradition and the local laws. Keep you informed on the legislation about drugs and drink. Have a legal problem could be very dangerous. Sometimes the local culture has a different consideration of the women, so be prudent and read something about this before leaving.
Security: keep your valuables on your person or in a safe place. Keep away from dangerous situation and place and ask advices and help,
a) Traveling and adventure
b) Meeting other people from all over the world and building new friendship
c) Being part of an international team of volunteers working on a socially worthwhile community project
d) Have time for your own personal adventures
e) Challenges and exposure to new experiences
f) Recommendation for future partnership and participation

experience and growth

i) Participate in a less developed nation community project or programs
ii) Have a real experience of local culture, customs and food.
iii) Integrate with truly local people or community not just the tourist industry alone
iv) Witness the real situation for many people in third world.
v) Visit local or regional heritage or pre-historic sites
vi) Live among the people you are helping or supporting.
vii) Work at a project in which you believe
viii) Be active for social justice and peace
ix) Improve your English
x) Participate in intensive group processes and experience communal living
xi) To begin a new life and to be involved in something important promoting cultural exchange and international solidarity


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