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Wone was founded in 2015 to revolutionize the traditional internship experience.

Our company was created with a focus on quality learning, customized experiences, and entrepreneurship. The mission was simple: connect the best international student talent with the fastest growing start-ups.

With highly-skilled hand-placed interns, companies truly value our students and want to provide as much value to you as you will provide to them. When you join the program, you become the newest employee for the start-up you’ve selected. You will not be making photocopies or fetching coffee, you will be doing hands-on tasks to run daily operations and to grow the company. 

With five world-class cities we truly have something for everyone. We know that it is hard to choose between the sandy beaches and lively atmosphere of Barcelona, the old historical buildings and ports of Lisbon, the prominent high art scene of Madrid, the culture and creativity of Berlin, and the beauty and history of Amsterdam. The one thing that will be the same is a rewarding internship at an exciting start-up and a summer full of adventure in a world class city. 

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