Winners Self Help Group

Winners Self Help Group is a registered community based organization in Kenya, which operates in the informal settlements of Gatundu, Thika and rural areas of Kiambu County.

We are skilled locals with a mission to support marginalized youths, women, children and people living with HIV/AIDS helping them to access and excel in education and business. We also assist young adults to acquire vocational & life skills, allowing them to start their own businesses and address social challenges in their community.


We are implementing five programs namely; Entrepreneurship, Nurturing, Motivation, environmental care and talent recognition.

Entrepreneurship focuses on women and youths. it is a program that ensures women and youth are in ability to start their own businesses. Winners achieve this by organizing trainings in different business opportunities and offering small loans to women and young people.

Nurturing program benefits primary school children, It ensures they have clean water, sanitation and environment. Also, in this program, children are provided with learning materials like books, pencils and uniforms. Winners also educate girl children especcially the ones in menstruation period, how to take care of their bodies and to accept the changes; community on how to cater for the environment and in case of school sanitation we educate the children, teachers and community of that school on how to maintain the facility upon completion.

Motivation program supports people living with HIV/AIDS through educating them on treatment and medication. Winners group organize forums with Thika health department and educate the infected on how to take care of themselves. In the program we train grandmothers about HIV/AIDS to help us reach young people in order to curb new infections.

Talent recognition main objective is to reach out to the young people to make them independent and self-reliant. In Kenya, unemployment is a major issue affecting the youths thus winners wish to help them realize their abilities. By encouraging youths to  use their abilities to earn a living decreases unemployment which results to decent living

In environment care program, we plant trees and plants that benefit the environment and reduce pollution. We have various education programs with the Gatundu community teaching them on how to use water, dispose waste, demerits of chemicals in the garden and in water bodies etc. Our focus being to rescue the earth.

Duration / Dates

All year round

Costs / Pay

$10 per day

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