Wildlife Survival Sanctuary

We are a small exotic animal rescue facility in Spring Hill, Florida.

We offer you a unique opportunity of working with a small variety of exotic animals. All animals at our sanctuary originate from situations where the animals were abused, neglected or their owners had them as pets but could no longer care for them. We currently give a permanent home to species such as tiger, leopard, cougar, African Serval lemur, ostrich, emu, iguana and Sulcata tortoises. We are actively looking for agencies that promote ecovolunteerism abroad to enhance our already existing international volunteer and internship program. When people participate in this project, they support the rescue of these wild animals in captivity and education about the conservation of their counterparts in the wild.

We have no paid staff at our facility, all the staff have regular paying jobs and volunteer their time at the sanctuary. The time and energy spent by volunteers at this project allow the sanctuary to provide a permanent home for these animals to live out their life peacefully in large natural habitats. Participants will learn about the many issues that face these wild animals in captivity and get a better understanding about what it takes to care for them on a daily basis. All our animals are kept in oversized habitats that far exceed the government standards here in the US. Since these animals were mostly kept as pets reintroduction in nature is out of the question as they never learned to hunt for prey.

During their stay at the project, volunteers will be staying at the main building at the sanctuary. There will be a volunteer coordinator to provide you with all the necessary information about the routines, rules and precautions in order to safely be around the animals. There is a wide range of project activities including maintenance, feeding and general care for the animals as well as educational tours for adults and children.

The fee to participate at this project is a 100 Euro donation per week which will cover room and board. Volunteers are expected to pay for all travel expenses to and from the project.

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