Wildlife Action Group (WAG)

The Wildlife Action Group (WAG) is an NGO, who manage 2 forest reserves in Malawi. We work to reduce conflict between people and our elephants and poaching of our wildlife.

The Wildlife Action Group (WAG) is an NGO, who co-manage two governmental protected areas Thuma Forest Reserve and Dedza-Salima Forest Reserve which are located in the Central Region of Malawi between Lilongwe and Lake Malawi on the escarpment of the Great Rift Valley. Together the two forest reserves cover an area of app. 500 kmĀ². Our Main project of the Wildlife Action Group is the "Thuma Forest Reserve Eco-system Rehabilitation Project". The objective of the Thuma Project is to protect its flora and fauna and to restore its ecological balance in co-operation with the communities around Thuma. Thuma is one of a few forest reserves in Malawi which is still home to elephant and buffalo. Other game include greater kudu, bushbuck, Sharpe's grysbok, common duiker, klipspringer, baboon, vervet monkey, bushbaby, leopard, spotted hyena, genet, African civet, honey badger, warthog, bushpig, porcupine and many other smaller species.
There is a lot of work involved in managing a Reserve. Wildlife Action Group has been running a volunteer programme from the beginning and we have been very lucky to have fantastic volunteers over the years to assist us. Volunteers participating in the programme all have a common ambition: to see, feel, hear and smell the African bush, to develop a practical knowledge of wildlife and life in the bush and to have a lasting positive impact on the environment.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with our day to day work as well as new projects that are always in progress. WAG volunteers come from various back grounds such as - animal behaviourist, builders, students, mechanics, agriculture, musicians, flight attendants, office worker - there are no particular criteria.

If you love nature, the great outdoors and hard work, then this is the place for you.

Note: we hardly do any hands-on work with animals (i.e.: animal health care, catch, release etc). However we do have a number of wild animals around camp such as baboons, hyrax, porcupine, and vervet monkeys

Duration / Dates

The preferred minimum duration of your stay in Thuma should be 3 weeks; the maximum duration we can offer is 2 months.

We have no set dates. Get in touch and we can work with you.

Costs / Pay

The duration of volunteer's stay is the period of time as agreed on beforehand in the correspondence (by e-mail) between W.A.G. and volunteer.
Daily fee is Euro 25,00 per person per night. We are a non-profit organization: that means that part of the daily fee is used to cover the expenses of your stay, the remaining part is used to cover the conservation expenses of Thuma F.R. and its wildlife.
The total costs of volunteer's stay in Thuma F.R. should be paid in the first week after arrival in Thuma F.R..
Payment should be in cash in Euros or Malawi Kwachas since transferring money from abroad to Malawi is very complicated and expensive.
In case volunteer decides to leave Thuma F.R. before the end-date that was agreed on, 50% of the daily fees for the remaining days will be refunded.
No refund is granted for days during the booked period in case volunteer decides to, temporarily, leave Thuma F.R.. It is therefore advisable to plan any traveling around in Malawi at the beginning or at the end of your visit to Malawi.

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