Wildlife Act

Wildlife ACT Fund is a non-profit trust on a mission to save our planets’ endangered wildlife & wild places from extinction. 

We believe this is the only chance we have of saving ourselves. Passionate, experienced, on-the ground conservationists doing critical work where it’s needed most. Delivering time & expertise, implementing anti-poaching measures, finding & funding equipment, and educating communities.

Our mission is to help save our planet’s endangered wildlife and wild places from extinction by running important conservation projects in Africa. Volunteer with us and experience real wildlife conservation in Africa.

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Wildlife Act Reviews

A truely real and exciting experience

Volunteering with wildlife act was one of my best experiences and I couldn’t recommend them more. They’re incredibly organised and helpful but also give a real experience that you won’t get with all volunteering organisations.

By: Corinne O’Ruairc
Nationality: Irish
Age: 23

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