White Birch Lodge

Nestled on the crystal-clear blue waters of Elk Lake in Northern Michigan, White Birch Lodge is a family-friendly, all-inclusive resort with over 60 years of tradition.

Guests from around the world come to enjoy a unique, classic vacation experience.  A true escape from the distractions of modern life, this beautiful lakeside retreat pays homage to the era of authentic simplicity and quality time with loved ones.  

 From adventure to relaxation, our weekly vacation package includes everything you need to enjoy your time completely.  Three delicious meals served daily means no grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning.  

Our MasterCraft boats pull waterskiing, wakeboarding, and tubing every day while the staff provides instruction and encouragement for new skiers.  

The Kids’ Program gives parents freedom to relax and enjoy, often spending their time waterskiing, playing tennis, or catching up with friends and family.

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