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Learn Spanish in Bogota at Whee Institute!

The only school that can promise that you will enjoy your classes and get better results in less hours than in other schools.


Why Study With Us?

Classes are fun!
We believe that education should be fun, so we mastered our methodologies so you learn while spending a good time. Other schools offer the old way of teaching (boring and frustrating classes) but make people believe they are fun because they offer free lunch and tours. At whee you will have fun inside and outside the classroom. Simple. 

More hours doesn't mean better education
We tested and tested, and we realized that the standard 20 hours Spanish lessons make no sense. If students get tired they stop learning, they get frustrated and have a bad experience. So actually our students learn faster than in other schools in less hours. That’s why we have better prices.

No hidden costs or interests
We don’t try to sell you things, tours, or activities. We offer tours, but we don't make money out of them. We have extra activities, but you cover your own expenses. Our coffee is free, we don't try to sell it. Other Schools seem more tourism agencies than Schools. Whee are fair and simple.


Our Programs

Group lessons
These lessons are focused on making you fluent. In this course, our teachers design every class to create an amazing learning experience. Our promise is that you won’t have boring classes and that you will learn really quickly.

Private lessons
Private lessons are the best option for people that want lo learn Spanish but like learning with a one-on-one methodology or have a really specific purpose (Spanish for business, Architecture, etc).

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