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Westcoast Connection Reviews

Spain and Portugal Tour

This summer was the first summer I decided not to go back to camp and try something new. I honestly went into the trip expecting it to be incredible, how could it not? but the month i spent with West Coast Connections greatly exceeded my expectations. I really could not have asked for a better summer to travel, learn, and make lifelong friends.

By: Skylar Katz
Age: 15


Best trips ever, amazing itineraries and we’ll orgabized

By: Jojo
Nationality: American
Age: 17

Trip of a lifetime !!

Everything about my experience with Westcoast was amazing

By: Kyla Kijanka
Nationality: American
Age: 18

Australia/ Hawaii

Westcoast connections provided an unforgettable experience that camps cannot

By: Ryan
Nationality: American
Age: 17

Love Westcoast!

Westcoast has given me the greatest summer experiences of my life! I have done californa and the canyons and the costa rica community service trip. Each trip was unique and special in so many different ways! My leaders were amazing so were the activities

By: Dylan Degabli
Nationality: American
Age: 17

28 Day Peru Community Service

This trip was the highlight of my life. I made friends of a lifetime and explored this amazing country all while feeling as though I was there with a purpose since I was doing community service. The places such as the Amazon jungle were some like no other, we even saw a 3 toed sloth!! You get the perfect amount of chill time along with a Lorna of activities and there’s never a boring moment in the trip. I still talk to all the members from my trip and wish I could go back in time every day!

By: Zoe Feldshon
Nationality: Caucasian
Age: 15

New Zealand and Australia

I’ve met some of the best people on this trip. Who thought that you could meet your best friends in only 3 weeks? The people that make saying goodbye so hard? This trip also instilled in me such a sense of adventure. From scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef to luging and zorbing down a mountain, every single experience was so fun and unforgettable. I also had the best counselors that didn’t only make me feel safe and comfortable, but also came to be my friends. Overall, I think everyone should experience New Zealand and Australia at least once in their lifetime. Thank you West Coast Connection for giving me the best trip and best friends of a lifetime.

By: Avery Paulen
Nationality: American
Age: 16

Westcoast Connections

This was my 2nd summer with Westcoast and these last two summers have been nothing but amazing. I went on California Extravaganza and Alaska and Hawaii and everything about these trips were perfect. With great staff, activities, and friendships the ability to have the summer of a lifetime was super easy. I love westcoast and wish that my summers with them would never end❤️

By: Maddy
Nationality: American
Age: 15

10/10 Recommend Westcoast Connection

I went on the California and the Canyons and I would go on another trip with Westcoast Connection in a heart beat. It was amazing. the staff was so welcoming and made sure everyone fit in. Everyone I know who went on the Westcoast trip loved every second of it. I had an amazing time and met amazing people. The hotels were all nice, and we all made sure to include everyone. The food was so good, and there was always an option to eat. I had the best bus driver who drove us to places that i was lucky to see. If anyone is thinking about doing a trip i HIGHLY 10/10 recommend.

By: Lindsay
Nationality: American
Age: 15

California & The Canyons

This was my first Westcoast tour and I can honestly say that this was the best summer I had. Staff made campers feel so comfortable and making friends was very easy. Activities made for us were very fun and everyday was entertaining. I never felt bored on the tour.

By: Carly Goldstein
Nationality: Caucasian
Age: 14

American voyager

For not knowing what to expect when I got off the plane in Salt Lake City Utah, I was amazed by what would become the best summer of my life. My summer on this trip changed and thought me so much to learn. I was able to do so much I wouldn’t of been able to do it without the amazing opportunities the trip gave to me. I made so many new friends who still till this day I call when I need help and have a question. Also, the staff on my trip hands down made the summer even that much better. My experience on American Voyager is something I will never forget and something I recommend to everyone. The 49 other trip members and 6 staff members on my trip are some people I will never forget and I’m so thankful I got to meet each and everyone one of them.

By: Elanakaminsky
Nationality: American
Age: 17

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