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Our mission is to provide volunteers with a unique opportunity to help in the development of an indigenous community by teaching relevant skills and raising environmental and conservational awareness, while being part of a cultural exchange.

Home stay And Cultural exchanges
Home stay and cultural exchange program
Get acquainted in-depth with the Nepali Culture
This is a fantastic way to get more out of a trip to Nepal, especially if your time is short. You will be with a Nepali family as soon as you arrive in Nepal and you will live in a small rural village. During your home stay you will learn about all aspects of the Nepali culture and customs of different castes and lifestyles. You will also be able to attend 2 hours of Nepali language lessons in the morning and in the evening. As the experience will be a cultural exchange, you should also try to offer us some knowledge of your own home culture and customs, as well. You will learn to prepare different kinds of Nepali dishes and we would love to learn the way of preparing yours.
Our home stay program can be arranged by your request. During this period you will have opportunity to visit indigenous people of Chitwan and the people around the countryside. You will also have the opportunity to learn the traditional way of farming, which is fully depending upon the land, so you can help your host family with the farm work, as well. You will have the opportunity to visit different local natural and historical places. You can visit different schools to get to know the educational system of Nepal and understand our way of teaching and learning. We can support research if you are a student of anthropology, geography, ecology, etc. You will have the best time of all with the host family, though. You will be able to achieve an in-depth knowledge of the Nepali culture.
The best time to come is between August and December because in this time you will get chance to experience all important festivals we celebrate, resulting in an overall more exciting experience.
In Home stay Program you will have opportunity share different culture of different society in rural village of Chitwan.
1. Staying with Tharu village : Indigenous Cast of Chitwan
2. Food with Tamang Culture : Back warded cast of Nepal.
3. Staying in Chepang Village: (About 2 day trekking) Back warded cast of Nepal.
4. Training to cooking Nepali dish.
5. Dress up with typical Nepali dress
During your home stay You can do more activities in Chitwan National Park as Recreational time from where you can discover wildlife and nature of chitwan National park.
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