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‘Walk with donkeys’ sanctuary was started in 2006 and is a ‘not for profit’ charitable organisation registered in Greece.

We were the first registered donkey sanctuary in Crete. We receive no money or help from the government. We rely on fundraising and donations to help us to look after these wonderful and previously abused animals. 

After witnessing a donkey being left out in the sun to die we realised that we must start a home for unwanted donkeys so that their owners do not have to kill the donkeys when they are no longer of use to them.

The donkeys that we take into our sanctuary are given a 'till death us do part' home. We do not sell or give away these donkeys. We do not believe in subjecting old donkeys to stressful and long journeys so therefore do not re-home them in other parts of Europe.

Here in beautiful surroundings close to the village of Anatoli near Ierapetra, the donkeys can live peacefully and happily in the company of other donkeys. Here they receive love, care, food, water and any medical attention that is needed.



Would you like to spend a few weeks here in Crete and help us to look after the donkeys? This opportunity is ideally suited to people happy to be alone with nature and animals in a beautiful location.

Just some of the work that needs doing at the sanctuary.....construction work for shelters for dogs and donkeys, repair work and general tidying. Grooming and cleaning up after animals, walking dogs and donkeys, training of horses, greeting visitors, working on vegetable field and olive harvest....and and and many other things. We could use whatever skills you have.

Duties will be varied, mucking out, walking donkeys, repair work and helping us with visitors and tourists. We would like a minimum of 5 hours help a day. 2 1/2 hours early morning and 2 1/2 in the evening (in the summer months) During the winter months we can work during the day.

Our sanctuary is in a remote location and volunteers must enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside (except the sound of the donkeys of course!)

Car hire (from 20 euros a day) or other transport - mountain bike or scooter is essential for getting from the village to the sanctuary, and for those who want to make a working holiday and visit the beach. These can be hired locally and prices can be advised depending on the time of year and length of stay.

Accommodation in the village of Anatoli is in self-contained en suite room with dvd player, fridge, microwave and kettle.It may be possible to arrange internet access. A small weekly charge will be made to cover electricity.

One non-meat meal is provided during working hours,

People are welcome to camp at the sanctuary.

There is luxury accommodation in the village (poa)

Smoking is not allowed at the sanctuary or in the room due to fire risk.

Sense of humour essential!

The only night life here is the sound of the owls 

Nearest airport is HERAKLION where there are direct flights during the tourist season. During the winter months fly to ATHENS and catch a ferry to Crete.

Please contact us.

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