Wakuluzu, Friends of the Colobus Trust

The trust is a local organization committed to saving the Angolan Colobus Monkey and preserving it's coastal forest habitat.

SPECIES : Angolan Colobus (Colobus angolensis spp. palliatus) and other primate species eg. Yellow baboons, Sykes, Vervets, Bush Babies.

HABITAT: Tropical Coral Rag Forest

GEOGRAPHICAL LOCATION: Diani Beach, South Mombasa Coast, Kenya.

TRAVEL INFORMATION: Airplane to Nairobi or Mombasa, or train from Nairobi to Mombasa.

DURATION: 3 months.

PERIOD: Year round.

AGE: Min.22.

QUALIFICATIONS/ SKILLS: Undergraduates or graduates. Experience can vary from zoology and biology backgrounds, to marketing, teaching, journalism, display designs etc.

VOLUNTEERS WORK: A mix of field work and computer work in areas of habitat loss, primate pest management, road traffic accidents and electrocutions of primates, and desnaring and primates as pets. Volunteers also participate in animal rescue and rehabilitation.

LANGUAGES: English. German, French and Swahili are useful but not essential.

ACCOMODATION: In a house, with shared rooms and facilities. Mosquito net required. Bed Linen provided. Cleaner and laundry provided. Cook prepares good quality, African meals.

COST: Volunteers must pay their accommodation EUR 425 per month. Food costs approx. EUR 20/ week.

LONG TERM: 3 months is the standard period.

APPLICATION: There is a standard form to be completed and a CV required. The application form can be found on the Colobus Trust website www.colobustrust.org.

NOTES : Please read the website pages on volunteering. Description of the work and the Colobus Cottage with photographs are on the website. Read past volunteer stories as well.

The Colobus Cottage is located in a small forest patch. The Cottage overlooks the white sand beach and the Indian Ocean. The swimming pool, restaurant and bar at the hotel next door are available for use to volunteers.

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