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Volunteer with Waitui Conservation FIJI, an exciting new marine conservation project on the beautiful island of Nananu-i-ra, Fiji. Become a Reef Check Eco Diver and more! Working with local villages to raise awareness of marine conservation.

Volunteer with Waitui Conservation FIJI, an exciting new marine conservation project based on the beautiful island of Nananu-i-ra, off Viti Levu, Fiji. We have a program of initiatives and activities focused on contributing to the global movement to protect and conserve our fragile coral reef ecosystems for future generations.

At Waitui Conservation we believe in contributing as much as possible to established globally recognised programs in order to maximise our contribution to understanding marine environments and coral reef health. We adopt the Reef Check survey methodology, with volunteers being certified as Reef Check Eco Divers, a globally recognised certification that means you can participate in surveys all over the world! All the data collected is submitted to the Reef Check database to enable analysis and identification of global trends in coral reef health.

In addition to becoming a Reef Check Eco Diver, volunteers will also be certified as PADI Reef Health Surveyor Distinctive Specialty divers, and PADI CoralWatch Coral Health Chart Specialty divers. Additional options include the PADI Shark Conservation Specialty diver and other conservation focused distinctive specialties.

During your time with Waitui Conservation you will be able to participate in a range of programs to improve you research diving skills and knowledge of marine environments. You can expect to be diving on the research and monitoring program 5 days per week, and participating in community environmental awareness initiatives one day a week. Our community activities are aimed at encouraging responsible and sustainable behaviours from others on the island and the nearby villages on Viti Levu, whilst giving volunteers the opportunity to work with local people and have fun!

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