Medical & Healthcare Volunteering in Tanzania

Company : Volunteer.Travel
Location : Tanzania
Duration: 4 weeks to 2 months
Approx Costs: 1000 to 1500 £ Pound (UK)

Gain valuable experience and understand the challenges facing the medical profession in Tanzania on a wide ranging and comprehensive placement.

Home to some of the most magnificent and spectacular wildlife, ancient and mysterious tribal communities, vast expanses of savannah, tropical blue oceans and imposing mountain landscapes, Tanzania will surpass all expectations. Big game species roam the plains and gorges where early human skeletons lie undiscovered while Mount Kilimanjaro challenges all who behold her. The waters of the Indian Ocean caress the shores of Tanzania and hold a staggeringly diverse range of species, from curious invertebrates to gigantic whale sharks and manta rays gliding silently over the coral reefs.

For all her natural beauty and wonder, Tanzania remains one of the poorest countries in the world. In both cities and remote rural communities access to basic education and healthcare is limited and the dependence on subsistence lifestyles is widespread. Volunteering in Tanzania could be your chance to immerse yourself in her warm and welcoming communities while making a lasting contribution to the education and community development projects that will improve the standard of living and future prospects for those in greatest need.



This is a fantastic opportunity for those individuals who are coming to the end of their studies within medicine or who are currently working in the medical sector to develop your hands on experience in the healthcare field and learn about the running of community hospitals and medical clinics in Tanzania.  Many of the local hospitals and clinics provide low cost medical care and are often busy and understaffed.  Volunteers' activities will depend on their qualifications and experience but there is something for all healthcare devotees on this hands-on medical project.

You may find yourself working, assisting or observing in various departments within the medical clinic, this could include the laboratory, pharmacy, maternity, support groups, paediatrics, inpatients, outpatients clinic and theatre. More experienced medical practitioners and medical students will be able to help with blood tests, vaccines and other activities, there is certainly a lot of scope for learning. Even pre-med volunteers can gain fantastic and valuable medical work experience looking after patients, helping in the pharmacy and lab and observing various procedures.

Volunteers are asked to remain flexible and use their initiative in order to get the most out of this placement. You may be dealing with anything from common complaints like headaches and toothaches to more serious ailments such as malaria and typhoid. You may be assisting the doctors in taking vital measurements such as blood pressure and temperature as well as dispensing medication and assisting with nursing duties.  

You may also have the opportunity to integrate within the wider community by providing mobile care, teaching and training in schools and villages.  This dimension to your work could include schemes such as HIV awareness projects where you will host seminars providing information, advice and counselling about the cause and prevention of HIV.  The most common complaints of patients are tropical diseases, however many patients do have the secondary complication of HIV/AIDS.

Start Dates

Monthly, please aim to arrive on the Sunday before the first Monday of month.

Costs / Benefits

Before You Go:
• Pre-departure support
• Travel & medical advice & documentation
• Equipment advice

• Two meals a day
• Accommodation
• Airport pick-up
• Ground transfers
• Project orientation and training
24-hour in-country and international HQ emergency support and back-up

Booking / Enquiry

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