Volunteers for Israel (VFI)

Volunteers for Israel® (VFI) is a non-political, non-profit, volunteer organization. Go where you’re needed. Make a real difference. Have a great time.

VFI works with Sar-El, which administers the program in Israel. Sar-El was formed in 1982 through the initiative of General A. Davidi (Ret.) who enlisted volunteers to help alleviate manpower shortages during the war in Lebanon.

The program's network now extends to 36 countries and over 100,000 volunteers have served, building & strengthening Israel... and each other!

VFI provide Diaspora Jewry and other friends of Israel with an opportunity:

* To assist in the strengthening of Israel through hands-on work
* To enhance the bonds and solidarity between the volunteers and Israelis.
* To intensify the Jewish identity of Jewish youth living in the Diaspora.
* To develop mutual understanding and to enrich personal and cultural values through the dynamics of Israeli and volunteer participants working together

If you've been waiting for a formal invitation to visit Israel, YOU'VE GOT IT! Wouldn't you like to spend two or three weeks living and working alongside Israelis, at an army base or in a hospital? Join Volunteers for Israel and get an insider's view of the culture, lifestyle, and pulse of Israel. Be a part of this exciting and important humanitarian experience!

During the program, in addition to work assignments, cultural and educational programs are offered. One or two excursions will also be included, situation permitting.

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