Join the Elephant Freedom Project in Sri Lanka

Company : Volunteers at Work
Activities: Orphanage Work / Animal Volunteer Projects / Community Projects / Conservation Projects / Volunteer elephants / Wildlife holidays
Country: Sri Lanka
Location : Kegalle, Sri Lanka

Elephant and community volunteering at the only Real elephant sanctuary in Sri Lanka. Come join us at the only place where elephants and volunteers are really happy. No fear for animal abuse, no tourist rides to injure elephants, no forced tricks and mostly without chains.

The Elephant Freedom project is a real Elephant sanctuary in the midst of elephant safaris in Sri Lanka. It is a place where elephants can lead a good life.

Our two baby elephants found in the wild, without their mothers and family, their future seemed bleak and what happened no one will ever know. Thankfully they found a new home here at the Elephant Freedom Project (EFP) where, unlike many other places, they are safe from abuse, tourist rides and constant chaining.

At the EFP you will make a real difference to the elephants. Your typical day will see you feed and bathe this amazing creature, clean the elephant bed, maintain the project ground, go on long walks with the elephants, challenge them in enrichment games, help the local community, learn how to cook Sri Lankan and above all enjoy!

The elephants and us look forward to having you in sunny Sri Lanka.

Why this project?

Join a true Elephant sanctuary where the elephants and you will have an amazing time. This is a very rewarding project for both the elephants and you. Some highlights:

  • Walk with elephants through the paddy fields and rural villages
  • See the elephants enjoy their time playing in the special enclosure
  • Know that Elephants are not here to carry tourists 
  • Wash the elephants in the river and see them swim
  • Organise elephant enrichment games and enjoy their intelligence and curiosity
  • Spend loads of time up close and personal with the elephants 
  • Explore the local town for teaching and food shopping 
  • Help preparing the elephant food and feeding them
  • Grow fruit and vegetables for the Elephants in the Eco garden 
  • Help the local children using games and play to learn English
  • Help our staff to improve their English skills
  • Know that you are really contributing to elephant welfare

Be part of this fantastic project!

You wont find any other project that is this good for the elephants and where volunteers are truly making a difference like here.


Start Dates

Weekly Volunteering starts every Sunday of the year and starts from 1 week up to many months.
Also daily visits and 3 days/2 nights stay available.

Costs / Benefits

Included in your regular volunteer project fee
- A shared room at the homestay
- Three meals a day Monday to Friday (weekends are free for volunteers that like to explore the island)
- Transport from and to the airport
- Full orientation on your first project day
- Visit the nearby rice fields and waterfall
- In-country support and 24h emergency assistance
- Assistance for visa renewal
- Travel advice and help in arranging trips


Love animals and be ready for an amazing time. We welcome anyone of any age. Groups are also very welcome.

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