Volunteer in Morocco - English and French Teaching Projects

Company : Volunteering Solutions
Location : Cities of Rabat and Sale
Duration: 1 week to 1 Year+
Approx Costs: 250 to 1500 £ Pound (UK)

Apply to volunteer for a inspiring experience by helping local children learn in a fun environment as an English or French teacher.

Places where you will work include NGOs, public schools and local community centres which are often underfunded and understaffed. You will teach English or French to local children who are aged between 10 and 16 years of age, the level they learn is either beginner or intermediate. There are lots of activities and other lessons you can help too includes maths, arts, crafts and sport.

The Morocan government provides children below the age of 15 with free edication but this country still has one of the lowest literacy rates on the planet. Working alongside local teachers will be a really amazing experience where you can provide a better future for the children and also the country.

Working Hours
Ususally you will need to help for around 3-5 hours per day, 5 days a week with weekends free.

Programs are located in the city of Rabat and Sale - in your free time you could relax in your new surroundings or go sightseeing.

You will stay with a local family along with other international participants.



  • 1 Week $410
  • 2 Weeks $620
  • 3 Weeks $780
  • 4 Weeks $990
  • 5 Weeks $1200
  • 6 Weeks $1410
  • 7 Weeks $1620
  • 8 Weeks $1830
  • Extra Weeks $250

Prices quoted in USD but available to book in other currencies.


What is Included

  • Placements and pre-departure information
  • Aiport / train station pickup
  • Orientation and training
  • Accommodation 
  • Meals 
  • Internet access at local office
  • 24 hour support


Start Dates

This projects can be joined every month, projects start the 1st and 3rd Monday on the month.


- Must be aged 18+ on the start date
- Flexible attitude, open minded and lots of enthusiasm
- You will not need to know Arabic to apply, but you will need to know English and basic French - language classes can be joined in country

Booking / Enquiry

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